5 Tips to Pass the Guard


If you do BJJ there are 2 things that you really have to know how to do very well. These are: how to pass the guard and how to sweep. Basically because the fight goes around this: the person on top is trying to progress the position (pass the guard) and the person on bottom is trying to get on top. Sometimes we see people playing more on top than in the guard, it is not hard to understand why, and on top you have all your weight on your opponent and no weight on you, so the top game is certainly “easier” than the bottom game. But it can change very quickly when we meet a person who has a really strong or flexible guard. There is nothing more frustrating in BJJ than to train with a person who plays guard very well and you feel that every move you do from the top is taking you nowhere and your opponent with their back on the ground is completely dominating you even with your weight advantage on top him.

So to make sure when I’m on top that I’m the one dominating the situation I always try to follow some principles that I’m going to share here:

1 – DONT LET YOUR OPPONENT SET UP HIS GRIPS, SET UP YOUR GRIPS FIRST: Well, if you are fighting against someone and you let he set all his grips up before you start trying to pass, it might became a nightmare for you to get the pass. Instead, you should always… READ MORE

Read full article in Chinese versions:
五个突破防御的技巧 (Simplified Chinese)
五個突破防禦的技巧 (Traditional Chinese)

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