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AFG interview with Prof. André Galvão.

1. Can you tell us how did you start Jiu Jitsu and why did you like it so much?

I started in Judo first then I did Jiujitsu and ever stopped. My oldest brother introduce me to Bjj and then I liked it. Never stop it! I liked it because you always learn and always you have a room to improve your game. Jiujitsu is awesome!


2. I know you are a big believer in drilling, can you tell us why drilling is so important for your Jiu Jitsu?

It is very important for timing and keep your techniques sharp and ready. Plus If gelos The Conditioning.


3. When you are drilling do you prefer your partner to give you resistance or just let you do the move?

Depends if the training! The goal and reason of the training.


4. What do you prefer, playing the top game or the bottom game?



5. You are a multiple times World Champion, what still drives you to train so hard?

I love it and like the competition.


6. In Asia with the rise of mma there is a lot of fighters who prefer to train only no gi, what do you think about that?

I think you need to learn both. Jiujitsu with gi is important as the no gi as well. Both helps each other. Specially for Mma.


7. This question is for some of our beginners, what kind of advice do you have for them?

They need to just enjoy each day of training. Always be ready to learn and respect the coach.
Always make questions and be aware to learn new techniques.


8. My next question is for our blue and purple belts, a lot of them get stuck at a place where
they feel like they stopped improving, what would you tell them?

You need to find a way to improve and sharp your game in all kind of situations.


9. What is your go-to choke and your go-to sweep?

I just flow. I like rear naked choke. Sweeps I like hooks guard.


10. My last question for our Asian fans, are you interested in an Asian tour for seminars? I believe a lot of people would love that idea.

I will be in Asia soon. Yes I will be teaching there this year. Soon!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 4Stripes

    June 19, 2016 at 8:11 am

    André is going to be in Hong Kong this October! 4Stripes is bringing André in for a 2 days immersive camp.
    check out
    FB @4stripestrainingcamp

    didn’t intend to sound like an ad but the last question you ask André was when he will come Asia. now you know.

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