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At first, the aim to hold this competition is to provide a chance to practise and accumulate experience to the children who are learning BJJ. In Taiwan, BJJ is a very unpopular sports. Only a few people will participate in this sports and there are only a few competition opportunities. Many Taiwan sportsmen need to go to other countries to have have a chance to join different competitions. Although there are many centres teaching children about BJJ in Taiwan, only a few will join the children BJJ competition. We hope that we can let the whole Taiwan children who are learning BJJ to have a chance to learn and exchange their technique to others, through holding this competition.


With the development of BJJ in Taiwan, since competition is a must in learning BJJ, so we will hold 3 competitions in a year (in April, August and December), in Taiwan Hsinchu, the current location. In the future, we hope that we can tour our competition in Taiwan in order to provide the competition oppotunities to the children with low geographical mobility. Without doubt, we also welcome the foreign children to join our competition!

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